The Best Study Hacks to Use to Maximize Your Attention Span, Memory, Focus & Productivity

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Study Hacks is a blog, podcast, and community run by Cal Newport.

The Study Hacks blog is about how we can use insights from behavioral science to make academic and professional lives more productive and fulfilling. The content is relevant to both students and professionals.

The Study Hacks podcast features interviews with leading thinkers on the topics of productivity, motivation, learning, and success in school or at work. Study Hacks also has a large community of over 100k members who share their hacks for success with each other.

How to Achieve More with Less Effort in School by Using These 3 Study Hacks :

1. Take a break


It gives your brain a chance to rest and refresh, which can help you focus better when you get back to work.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

If you’ve been studying for hours on end, it can be hard to stay motivated. Try doing something different, like going for a jog or reading a book unrelated to what you’re learning about. This will give your brain a break from the material and might inspire new ideas or connections that will help you learn more effectively.

3. Set goals

It can be easy to lose sight of what you want to accomplish if there are no clear goals in place.


6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory that You Probably Never Thought of Before :

Memory is a powerful tool that we all possess. It can be used to remember events, facts, and anything that we have learned. However, because the brain has limited space for information storage, it is important to take advantage of memory techniques.

The following are six simple ways to improve your memory that you probably never thought of before:

1) Use Memory Palaces

2) Create Images for Things You Want to Remember


3) Write Down Your Memories

4) Take Advantage of Mnemonic Devices

5) Use Music or Other Sounds as a Memory Trigger 6) Train Your Brain with Games.

3 Great Apps To Help You Concentrate Better On Your Work or Studying Environment :

1. Calm 

Calm is a meditation app that helps you relax and focus. With features like sleep stories, meditations, and breathing exercises, it’s the perfect app to help you find your zen.


2. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is an extension for Google Chrome that helps you stay on task by blocking distracting websites for a designated amount of time. You can set up different schedules for weekdays and weekends so that you’re never tempted to procrastinate again!

3) SelfControl

SelfControl is a Mac application that blocks distracting websites for a predetermined period. It’s perfect if you’re trying to get work done or just need some alone time to focus on your studies!


How To Improve Yourself :

They want to make sure that they are on the right path and that they are doing everything possible to succeed.

There are many things that students can do to improve themselves as a student. They can find out what they need to work on, learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and take care of their physical health.

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